Infrared Thermometer

Colour: Black/Yellow

Point-and-shoot thermometer to guarantee perfect pizza

So, you’ve fired up your Ooni oven. The flames are roaring nicely across the top of the oven and disappearing up the chimney. It looks and feels pretty hot. Ready to cook then, right? Probably, but it’s always a bit of a guessing game. And gambling on the cooking temperature might be the difference between a perfect, crisp crust and an insipid, soggy bottom. And if Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry have taught us anything, it’s that no-one wants that. Ooni’s point-and-shoot Infrared Thermometer takes all the guesswork out of your cooking. Simply aim the laser guide onto the middle of your pizza stone and the reading will appear on the display screen. If it reads around 752°F (400°C), you’re good to go

    • Ooni IR (infrared) laser thermometer, supplied with 2 x AAA batteries, fabric carry case and instruction manual
    • For the most accurate reading, simply aim the laser guide to the middle of your pizza stone and the reading will appear on the display screen. Aim for around 752°F (400°C) for the perfect pizza that cooks in 60 seconds.
    • Backlit screen
    • Temperature measured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • temp: 600°C / 1112°F
    • Not suitable for medical use
    • Unboxed dimensions: 9 x 3 x 13 cm
    • Unboxed weight: 0.2 kg
    • Boxed dimensions: 16 x 9 x 5 cm
    • Boxed weight: 0.2 kg
  • Environmental Initiatives - Through their membership with 1% for the Planet, Ooni donate 1% of every sale to carefully chosen social and environmental causes. Ooni is also a Grove Level Partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, which means that when you order an Ooni oven, you’re helping to plant trees.

  • Quite simply, Ooni is all about passion. Passion for pizza. But actually, the brand was kinda born out of frustration. Back in 2012, co-founder Kristian Tapaninaho was struggling to make authentic, wood-fired pizzas at home. His pizzas were good, but they weren’t great. Kristian realised that the problem was heat – or lack of. Domestic ovens just couldn’t get hot enough to deliver that restaurant-quality taste. But back then, if you wanted a proper pizza oven, you needed to invest in a commercial type, which were eye-wateringly expensive and bulky.

    So, Kristian went to his backyard and built an innovative prototype: the world’s first ever portable wood-fired pizza oven. His wife, Darina Garland, was impressed, especially when she tasted the results. Together, they launched the Ooni oven project on Kickstarter in November 2012. It smashed its funding target and things soon started to snowball as the Ooni oven attracted plenty of acclaim and admiration.

    As well as passion for pizza, Ooni also believes in being a company for good. That’s why the brand is part of 1% for the planet, supporting social and environmental causes across the globe. This is a brand with great products, great values – and great pizza, made in your own backyard.

  • Not dishwasher safe, do not submerge in water, lightly clean body and LCD with a dry cloth. Remove batteries during extended periods without use

Works a treat

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