The guys behind nomadiQ are genuine outdoor folk. They’re all about fun times and good vibes, hanging out in the sunshine with friends and eating together. When summer arrives, evenings are for dinner and drinks on the balcony, while weekends are devoted to camping out, trips on a friend’s boat, days down at the beach or picnics in the park. They understand that cooking outdoors is about freedom and spontaneity – the perfect antidote to the madness and stress of everyday life.

That’s why they came up with a lightweight, folding BBQ that they could take wherever they wanted, and which made grilling out easy and fun. After all, no-one enjoys burnt sausages cooked on one of those cheap, messy and unreliable disposable barbecues. You know the ones – they leave burnt squares of grass all over the park after every midsummer heatwave. The nomadiQ is a much more practical and stylish solution that gives everyone the freedom to BBQ anytime, anywhere. Get out there and get grillin’.

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