At Hestra, hands come first. This family-owned company has been making gloves for 80 years, and Hestra gloves offer unparalleled warmth, protection and fingertip sensitivity in the most varied conditions. The brand’s roots are in the thickly forested Swedish province of Småland, the heart of the nation’s timber industry. The evergreen forests here are known as Sweden’s ‘green gold’. In 1936, founder Martin Magnusson set up his workshop in a farmhouse and started making gloves for lumberjacks. When a local ski slope appeared, Martin saw an opportunity and turned his hand to making gloves for skiers. His sons, Lars-Olof and Göte, were both keen skiers and took up their places in the family company in their teens. Since then, two more generations of the Magnusson family have joined the company, making this a family business through and through.

Though Hestra has established a global presence and an enviable reputation, their focus hasn’t changed. All they care about are your hands, making gloves for work and play, whether you earn a living in the forests or spend your free time in the mountains.

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