Wolf and Grizzly

Wolf and Grizzly was born out of frustration. Brand founder George Rizkalla lived in the city and loved the great outdoors. But there was a problem. The products he used in his daily life – for commuting, in the office and at home – were slick and ergonomic, but they weren’t tough enough for outdoor use. On the other hand, his specialist ‘outdoor’ gear was functional, but clunky and difficult to use. In short, it was ugly.

George, a trained engineer, believed that if outdoor tools were better designed, they could be more versatile, opening up a whole world of practical uses from backyard to backcountry. And so Wolf and Grizzly came into being to create robust and beautifully designed tools, built to cater to the needs of adventurers in every context. The result is a considered range of products that form a complete outdoor cooking solution – robust yet portable, practical but elegant, simple but effective.

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