Whether you need a reliable firestarter for camping trips or simply a trusty way to light your backyard BBQ, Exotac have the solution. This family-owned and operated brand out of Atlanta, Georgia focus solely on high-performance outdoor and everyday carry tools, from precision fire rods and strikers to rugged, reliable turbo lighters.

This is sleek, stylish and supremely functional gear that has been tried and tested in the great outdoors, resulting in products that will last forever and which are guaranteed to function when you need them the most. That’s why Exotac’s motto is ‘gear for life’, and why all their products carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

At the forefront of the brand is American engineering and manufacturing. Nearly every component is made and assembled in the Exotac factory, under the watchful eyes of the engineers who designed and tested every feature. So, go ahead and get out there. With a trusty piece of Exotac kit in your pack or in your pocket, you’ll always have fire at your fingertips.

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