Bushcraft Essentials

Bushcraft Essentials

If great product design is all about including everything you need and nothing you don’t – then Bushcraft Essentials have plain nailed it. Constructed of stainless steel, these brilliantly designed lightweight camping stoves have no moving parts or fuel tank and pack down flat. The heat source can be anything from an alcohol burner to fuel cubes to any organic material such as the twigs and sticks you find lying around. If it burns, it’s fuel.

The team at Bushcraft Essentials take sustainable manufacturing very seriously. That means they pay fair prices for raw materials, produce zero water pollutants, don’t use any polishers, and only use the highest quality materials from known sources who are held to these same high environmental standards.

For us camping is all about getting out there, kicking back, and getting back to basics. And sure, gas stoves have a time and place, but few things beat the simplicity and satisfaction that comes with cooking in the wild over an open flame. Designed and 100% manufactured in Germany, these things sell themselves. It really is all you need for bushcraft.