Mystery Ranch

If you’re contracted to make packs for US Navy SEALs and USAF Pararescue teams, as well as for fire crews, medical teams and law enforcement agencies across the USA, you’ve gotta be doing something right. US brand Mystery Ranch’s packs have been hauled into and out of conflict zones, raging wildfires, high mountain ranges and some of the most remote regions on Earth. Based in Bozeman, Montana, they have been making high-quality packs since 2000.

At the heart of Mystery Ranch is co-owner and legendary designer Dana Gleason, creator of multiple time-tested packs that are still acknowledged to be some of the most durable expedition rucksacks out there, beloved by an entire generation of ‘90s thru-hikers. Most of his originals are still going strong today. So is Dana himself, who continues to push his team to the boundaries of possibility in pack design and materials technology. The result is a versatile product line for hiking, travel and everyday carry that prioritise function, comfort, quality and durability above all else. So, you can be confident that regardless of the mission, a Mystery Ranch pack is up to the job.

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