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WildBounds - About Us
WildBounds - About Us

WildBounds is a growing team of adventurous folk. We come from various backgrounds and industries including publishing, retail and financial services. While our specific interests and activities differ, we share a passion for the outdoors, for adventures big and small, and for discovering the stories behind the people and places that inspire us. And we share a love for storytelling – discovering the awesome and sharing it with you, our customers.



The WildBounds Store brings you the coolest gear from emerging outdoor brands – brands with an interesting story and a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability.

The WildBounds Journal brings you inspirational stories on active sport pursuits and outdoor adventures, culture and lifestyle. Sections include Adventure, Camp Notes, Brands, Field Guides, Movers, Culture & Pioneers, and Detours.

We are 100% independent and based in the UK.

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