The Jetboil has proven itself time and time again as the most reliable all-in-one personal cooking system. It's equally adept at brewing up in a portaledge midway up a 3,000ft rock face or in the porch of an expedition tent. This versatility and simplicity makes it the ideal camp stove for adventurers embarking on all sorts of trips and expeditions, from big wall climbs to weekend wild camps. But its modern-day popularity means it is easy to forget just what an innovative idea the all-in-one personal cooking system actually was when Jetboil was first unveiled to the world, back in 2001.

Fast, compact and efficient, it’s no exaggeration to say that the first Jetboil revolutionised outdoor cooking. Since then it has spawned a series of imitators, from rival big brands to cheap copies. But only the original Jetboil boasts the dependable power and precision control you need to go gourmet from basecamp to summit, and everywhere in between.

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