If you’re planning to hit the beach or the pool, a towel is one of the first things you grab, right? But it’s not something you really think about. The guys at Slowtide do though. Founded by way of California and Hawaii in 2015, Slowtide was the vision of three beach-loving friends who decided it was time to elevate a daily essential into a functional piece of art. When they looked at a beach towel spread out on the sand, they saw a blank canvas – a way to showcase the work of up and coming artists, photographers and creators while producing a premium, sustainable product

The result is a collection of eye-catching and distinctive towels that are universally useful. And while they look great, it’s not all style over substance. From sourcing eco-friendly fibres to obsessing over details like size, weight, weaving techniques, hanging loops, and reusable packaging, quite frankly, they’ve thought of it all.

Inspired by a love for the ocean and other elements of nature, Slowtide towels are perfect for every lover of the outdoors, whether you’re a global traveller, big wave surfer, wild swimmer or a beach bum.

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