First, here’s a blunt truth: the designer sunglasses industry is a straight-up rip off. Most of those high fashion brands don’t design the shades they sell. They order from a generic factory catalogue then slap on a logo. And cheap sunglasses, or worse, knock-offs hawked on a beach somewhere, aren’t any better. Ok, you’ve saved a wad of cash, but there’s no telling whether those lenses are giving your eyes much in the way of UV protection. Similarly, the cheap frames are liable to snap, and many end up in landfill, which just adds to the problem of plastic pollution.

US brand Sunski, based in sunny California, have always done things differently. All their styles are 100% original, designed from scratch at their studio in San Francisco. From the outset they prioritised style, fit, performance, value and sustainability. That means honest pricing, great looking frames, premium polarised lenses, high-quality components and a comfortable fit all day long, without squeezing or pinching. Sunski are so confident you’ll love your shades that they offer a lifetime warranty.

Maybe most importantly though, the brand also uses their own Superlight recycled polycarbonate resin in all their frames, rescuing scrap plastic from landfill and turning it into sunglasses. Their packaging is also plastic-free. The company is completely carbon neutral and are part of 1% for the Planet, supporting environmental causes year on year.

TL, DR? Great sunglasses designed for outdoorsy people, made from recycled stuff. Now, go have some fun.

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