Anyone who’s ever finished an outdoor adventure race of any stripe, from trail running and obstacle racing to mountain biking, will have encountered BUFF, or at least a knock-off version of their iconic neck tube. The ubiquity of that versatile design within the adventure world is perhaps the biggest compliment to BUFFs meteoric success. That fusion of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and a stretchy, shape-shifting design is perfect for high-octane events and morning dog walks alike.

It’s not the extent of BUFF’s innovation, though. Since their founding in Spain over 20 years ago, BUFF have experimented with different fabrics and reimagined classic designs to produce a range of exceptional quality headwear. Their knitted beanies and snoods are perfect for everyday wear, from autumnal strolls to early morning coffee runs. Every item that BUFF create is designed to maximise comfort while on the move - in other words, the perfect addition to any everyday adventurer’s wardrobe.

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