Fireplace XL

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Your personal tabletop fireplace

For our neolithic ancestors, fire carried the promise of warmth, safety and sustenance. Today, we still find its welcome glow and flickering flames mesmerising and mindful. In our busy modern lives, those things are ever more important. But not everyone can have a real fireplace in their home. That’s where the FLÎKR Personal Fireplace comes in. It’s a tabletop fireplace suitable for any indoor or outdoor space, the perfect focal point for patio tables or dining rooms. It’s even safe to cook over – s’mores indoors, anyone? It runs on isopropyl rubbing alcohol, sometimes known as surgical spirit. Inexpensive, widely available and super-efficient, it’s the perfect fuel. The fireplace itself is also elegant and minimalist, made from a special cement that adds a clean, striking and modern accent to your home

    • Tabletop fireplace that brings the warm, ambient glow of real flame to your home
    • Uses isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) for a clean burn that is soot-free and safe to cook on
    • Super-efficient design
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, use in any ventilated space
    • Made from non-absorbent, high temperature cement with a quartz-like base and felt bottom
    • Supplied with integrated snuffing lid and heat-resistant base
    • Dimensions: 30 x 11.5 x 12.5 cm
    • Weight: 7 kg
    • Made in Tennessee, USA
    • Cement Unit
    • Base
    • Snuffer
  • Travis Seera loved the flickering flames of a real campfire. FLÎKR Fire was born out of his desire to bring that same ambience to his small apartment. After seven years of progressive design work and prototyping, he came up with a tiny, elegant fireplace that could be used inside. Yep. that’s right – inside. Creating no soot and emitting no carbon monoxide, you can use it in any ventilated space in and around your home.

    Using a FLÎKR Fire is mesmerising, relaxing and even mindful – the perfect way to unwind. And by buying one, you’re also supporting a small, independent family company, run by Travis and his partner Haley (with a little help from their dog, Nala) and manufacturing in good ol’ Tennessee, USA. Now, doesn’t that give you a warm glow?

Really beautiful and everyone that sees it at my place, wants one.

-Kerry H., Verified Buyer


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