Luci Outdoor 2.0

Colour: Clear

A light to power all your adventures

Powerful and super portable, the Luci Outdoor 2.0 is a solar lantern ready for adventure. You’ll get 24 hours of light to power your adventure from one change, and if you’re out for days on end this clever lantern recharges in the sun. We love how portable and packable this lantern is – it’s inflatable which means that it packs down to just 1 inch thick when collapsed, so you can justify it for any trip. The fixed base strap means you can hang this little light to provide lighting in a pinch. It’s waterproof too, so no need to limit it to over land adventures – why not attach it to your SUP so you can paddle into the night. The Luci Outdoor 2.0 keeps you out of the dark, no matter how far off the grid you go.

    • Functional clear finish
    • 75 lumens of cool white LED light
    • Lasts 24 hours on a single charge and recharges in 7 hours
    • Can be recharged via direct sunlight or rechargeable 1000 mAh Li-ion battery
    • Waterproof (IP67) so can be left out in the elements or taken out on the water
    • The lantern has four modes: low, medium, high and flashing
    • A battery level indicator lets you know how much light you’ve got left
    • Clear Finish
    • 75 lumens
    • 10 cool white LEDs
    • Adjustable base strap
    • Fixed top strap
    • Durable: withstands up to 150 lbs of pressure
    • Waterproof: IP67
    • Operating temp: 0ºC - 45ºC
    • 4 modes: low, medium, high, flashing
    • 2 second quick shut off
    • Battery level indicator
    • Lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge
    • Recharges in 7 hours
    • Recharge via direct sunlight
    • Rechargeable 1000 mAh Li-ion battery
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Weight: 125 g
    • Diameter: 12.7 cm
    • Height: 10.8 cm
    • Collapsed: 2.5 cm
    • Global Certification - MPOWERD is a certified B-Corporation, and hold the highest regard and respect for their employees, communities, and the environment.
    • Sustainability Through Longevity - MPOWERD create products with durability and longevity which is at the forefront of their design.
    • Environmental Initiatives - MPOWERD provide clean energy to those who need it most. Through their partners they distribute clean energy options that provide a more economical and environmentally friendly approach to everyday tasks.
  • MPOWERD create sustainable, affordable, thoughtfully designed products that suit the needs of the many. Whether here in our homes or in the Peruvian mountains, MPOWERD believe that everyone deserves access to well crafted, functional products!

I got this light along with the mobile charging one and both are great!

-Luna, Verified Buyer


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