Snow Peak | TAKIBI Camping Parka

As we all know, the great outdoors is a tough testing ground for outdoor kit – and not every piece of apparel makes the grade. But the Takibi Camping Parka is built to handle plenty of punishment, especially when campfires are involved. ‘Takibi’ means bonfire in Japanese, so takibi time is simply the act of gathering around a campfire, an elemental outdoor experience. And that’s exactly why the cult Japanese brand have devised a capsule collection of clothing designed specifically for special campfire moments. This robust parka is made from Teijin Conex Neo fabric, sourced from Japanese textile mills in Snow Peak’s home city of Niigata. This is a blend of organic cotton and aramid fibres – the same stuff used in firefighting suits and bulletproof vests. It makes for a super-durable jacket that is resistant to stray embers and sparks from the campfire. The fabric is also finished with a water-resistant treatment for even better weatherproof protection

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