Sierra Designs | Frontcountry Bed Range

The Frontcountry Beds are perfect for all the glamping and car camping couples out there. Based on Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed, these bags offer the same zipless comfort but has a roomier shape and synthetic insulation, keeping you cosy all night long. With a half mat sleeve on the back of the bag simply tuck your double sleeping mat inside, giving you a bed-like structure so you can sleep comfortably on your back, side or stomach, or change positions without waking each other up, just as if you were sleeping in your very own bed. The oversized blanket can be used on the outside of the bag, or tucked inside on cooler evenings. And with its arm and hand pockets you can tuck yourself in to enjoy a draft-free night. If you find you’re too warm, make the most of the cleverly-designed hands-free foot vent, allowing you to simply raise your knee and then stick your toes out of the bottom of the bag.

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