Sport 25 Solar Kit

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Rugged power bank for charging all your devices

This small, compact and lightweight charging system brings two of Powertraveller’s most useful gadgets together in one kit. The Sport 25 is a rugged 6,700mAh power bank for charging tablets, smartphones, GoPros and more via two high-speed USB ports. It is dustproof and waterproof, and also has a built-in 150 Lumen torch – ideal for tent camping. The Falcon 7 is a foldable and splash-proof solar panel that features high-efficiency monocrystalline SunPower cells with a power output of 7W, housed in a lightweight yet durable fabric unit. Metal eyelets and two mini carabiners make it easy to attach the Falcon 7 to your pack, while the single USB port, adapter and cable gives you all you need to charge either the Sport 25 battery charger or a device directly.

    • The Sport 25 Solar Kit brings two useful chargers together in one pack - the Sport 25 power pack and the Falcon 7 foldable solar panel
    • The sport 25 battery is a lightweight yet can charge virtually any 5V electronic device including tablets, smartphones and more
    • It is fully protected from dust ingress
    • Can be submerged in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes
    • Houses a 150 Lumen torch that also has an SOS mode
    • Ultra-lightweight, foldable solar panel
    • Housed in a tough outer casing
    • Technically advanced solar panels ensure superb power and reliable performance
  • What can the Kestrel recharge?
    • Power pack with 6700mAh/24.8Wh
    • Rugged design, IP67 rating (dustproof, waterproof)
    • Integrated 150 Lumens torch with SOS settings
    • 1x USB input/output: 5V/3A Max
    • 1x USB output: 5V/2.4A Quick Charge
    • 4 LED battery charge indicator
    Falcon 7
    • 7W Foldable Solar Panel
    • SunPower™ cells, high-efficiency monocrystalline
    • 4x Metal eyelets to attach solar panel to backpack
    • Splash-proof (IPX4)
    • Rugged polyester fabric
    • 1x USB output: 5V/1.4A Max
    • LED indicator
  • What can the Sport 25 recharge?
    • Tablet - 1/2 to 1 times
    • Smartphone - 1 to 3 times
    • GPS - 1 to 2 times
    • Action Camera - 3 to 4 times
    • Smartwatch - 10 to 12 times
    • Headtorch - 3 to 4 times
    • Sport 25: 105mm x 50mm x 30mm
    • Falcon 7: 157mm x 179mm x 11mm (folded)
      498mm x 179mm x 3mm (unfolded)
    • 1 x Sport 25 Power Pack
    • 1 x 7W Foldable Solar Panel
    • 1 x USB-C to USB cable (1m)
    • 1 x Female USB-C to male Micro USB adaptor
    • 2 x Carabiners
  • PowerTraveller support wildlife crime prevention organisations, such as the Uganda Conservation Foundation, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, with portable chargers to enable anti-poaching wardens to stay in communication.

"This is my favourite power pack to bring on big and small expeditions"

-Annelie Pompe, Verified Buyer


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