OpenFire Pan

Colour: Silver

Awesome all-in-one campfire wok, frying pan or griddle plate

Cooking over an open fire is about far more than just making dinner. It’s a unique experience that combines dancing flames, the whiff of woodsmoke, that inimitable smoky taste and of course welcome warmth. The Primus OpenFire Pan allows you to enjoy your campfire from breakfast to supper. Custom-made for outdoor cooking, it has a three-layer construction – consisting of two layers of stainless steel with an aluminium core – to ensure durability, even heat distribution, easy cleaning and high resistance to scratches and corrosion. The versatile shape handles eggs, bacon, steaks, kebabs, veggies, pancakes and more. Side handles and screw-in legs enable easy adjustment over the fire. Alternatively, pair it with the Primus Kamoto portable fire pit, enabling you to cook over real flames and enjoy a leave-no-trace campfire anywhere. With this functionality in mind, the OpenFire Pan Small is perfect for the Kamoto Small, while the OpenFire Pan Large fits the Kamoto Large

    • Unique size and shape give you a variety of cooking options and easy handling
    • Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and will handle years of use
    • Aluminium core ensures optimal heat distribution and even cooking
    • Two side handles for easy handling
    • Detachable legs allow the pan to be placed directly over the fire or removed for slim packing and double as additional handles when attached from above
    • Special lug leg attachment doesn’t clog with soot while the rectangular crosscut legs allow for a better grip when attaching/removing the legs
    • Can be used with any campfire, but works brilliantly with the Primus Kamoto fire pits
    • Invented in Sweden
  • Small Large
    Height 25 cm 25 cm
    Weight 3200 g 4400 g
    • Manufactured Locally - All Primus products are manufacturer at their purpose-built warehouse in Estonia
    • Sustainability through Longevity - Primus is renowned for its reliable, safe and innovative products, which are produced in Europe and are built for life
  • In Latin, the word ‘primus’ means ‘first’. And this Swedish brand has been about firsts ever since its humble beginnings in Stockholm back in 1892, when founders F.W. Lindqvist and J.V. Svenson developed the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove. Portable Primus stoves were cleaner, easier to use and more efficient than anything else then in existence. They were soon adopted by explorers and adventurers across the globe. When Amundsen became the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911, he had a Primus stove with him. So too did the 1953 British Mount Everest Expedition, when Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary became the first people to reach the summit of the world’s highest peak.

    Since those ground-breaking firsts, Primus’ range has expanded to encompass a range of outdoor cooking equipment. Of course, portable stoves built for backpackers, campers and climbers are still the brand’s core focus. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, Primus stoves have an enviable reputation for long-lasting reliability and real-world efficiency. So, if you’re looking to achieve your own firsts, whether that’s walking your first long-distance trail or going on your first wild camping adventure, Primus should be your first choice.

It's a well designed and high quality metal pan

-Jay, Verified Buyer


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