Carver Skateboards: C7 vs CX Trucks

Trying to decide between the C7 and CX trucks? Well, it all depends on what style you're looking for.


For a snappy pump like a shortboard quad surfboard, go for the CX. For a flowy pump like a short retro single fin surfboard, you want the C7.


If you're looking to skate mainly on the flat, or tend to deck slightly longer, the C7 is the better choice. If you're looking to skate parks/bowls as well as the flat, and ride more aggressively, the CX is be better choice.


The CX does the same job as the C7, that is, pump board along like a surfboard. But it does it in a different way. Historically the C7 is the truck Carver is best known for. When people say ‘the Carver truck’ they usually mean a C7. And going back 5+ years, they would sell 10 C7s for every CX. Then about 5 years ago they tweaked the geometry on the CX, improved it a little (it went from CX.3 to CX.4) and then started to get the word out a bit more. These days, the C7 and CX sell in nearly equal quantities.

C7 Truck, Carver Skateboards

CX Truck, Carver Skateboards