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What’s your plan for when SHTF? Scrap that – do you even have a plan? Everyone’s compared zombie apocalypse responses after a few cold ones (reveal ours? You should be so lucky...) but actually preparing for a ‘sh*t hitting the fan’ scenario requires takes a bit more than that. Nor are we talking about hunkering under the stairs with a tin hat and a lifetime supply of Heinz.

Steve Hart, the brains behind UK Preppers Guide, has amassed a wealth of bushcraft and survivalist skills, from building a shelter to hunting small game and everything in between. Nor are these guys all about apocalypse scenarios – Hart’s an expert on wild camping, self defence and general bushcraft, too. We’d thoroughly recommend checking out their website for guided videos on wilderness skills and insider knowledge on the latest kit – after all, there’ll be no time to regret it once that fan gets spinning...


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