Elliot Brown | Tyneham

Every gentleman should aspire to own an automatic watch. Closely entwined with the history of the world’s finest watchmakers, the notion of a true self-winding watch was pursued by makers from Patek Phillippe to Breguet to Rolex. Elliot Brown’s contemporary take on the classic automatic, the Tyneham, is a fine addition to this lineage. Rather than unrefined quartz movements, it employs a Miyota 9130 Japanese automatic movement, chosen for reliability, and protected by a two-stage shock absorption system. This means that although it’s an auto, the Tyneham will take plenty of punishment. The Miyota 9130 can also be hand-wound, or just pull the crown out to stop the spring running itself down. The watch design itself is similarly full of delightful details. At 1h on the dial, there’s a discreet 42h power reserve indicating the state of the mainspring winding. Bold hands are inspired by traditional instrumentation. The recessed sapphire crystal is protected by a hardened stainless steel outer bezel that is six times harder than marine grade stainless steel. The knurled crown is ergonomically positioned away from the wrist and neatly recessed into the case for increased durability. Triple seals ensure it remains fully sealed even when extended

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