Top 6 Stylish and Sustainable Everyday Gear

Buying new threads with one eye on the planet isn't just for hemp-toting hippies - in fact, some of the best-looking gear and apparel around is built by brands who care as much about how their kit benefits the environment as how it looks

8th May 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

There was a time when if your first consideration when buying clothes was how it impacted the environment, people tended to stay away from you in the street. Not any more, though - from compostable coffee cups to tees made from recycled fabrics, eco-friendly products are in the mainstream. As the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London demonstrated, fighting climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society right now - and outdoor brands are showing how that can be done without sacrificing style or performance. The gear and apparel we’ve rounded up below from our Eco-Friendly Collection are both sustainably made and effortlessly stylish, so you can be sure that your new threads are keeping the great outdoors great.

Trakke Assynt

The Trakke Assynt rucksack
Trakke's new range of adventure-ready rucksacks are just as suited to urban exploration

Handmade in Scotland and built to last a lifetime of adventure

Handcrafted in their Glaswegian workshop, the Assynt Backpack from Trakke is their outdoors-ready daypack that’s just as suited for everyday adventures, with a 20l interior, padded laptop sleeve and weathertight waxed canvas exterior. Trakke are acutely aware of the carbon cost of manufacturing new products - that knowledge has led them to source nearly all of their materials from British suppliers to cut down on shipping costs, and to make sure their bags will last a lifetime of adventure so you only need to buy once. Though with that fusion of heritage aesthetic and modern design, you might not want to stop at one. SHOP NOW

Northern Playground Organic Henley

Northern Playground Organic Henley
Northern Playground crafted this organic Henley for everyday adventure from high-quality wool and silk

Manufactured in Europe with organic fabrics

Norwegian brand Northern Playground are among the most eco-conscious brands in the outdoor industry - not only are all their products manufactured in Europe to cut air miles, they source out organic and recycled materials at every time, and have a self-imposed environmental tax for each products sold. What makes their operation even more attractive is the output, like this classic henley available in white or black. The loose fit is backed up with a wool-silk fusion for a supremely comfortable item, whether you’re hiking in the fjords or grabbing a coffee at the weekend. SHOP NOW

BBCo Docker Beanie

BBCo Docker Beanie
These BBCo beanies are woven in the Midlands using chunky wool from Ireland

Designed and made in Britain using wool from Ireland

The fisherman’s beanie is a classic look inspired by coastal communities in Scandinavia, though it performs just as admirably commuting in the south west. British brand BBCo have bolstered that heritage style with chunky 100% Donegal Grey merino wool from Ireland, which is then spun into beanies at their workshop in the Midlands. Not only does that local farming and manufacturing cut their carbon footprint to a minimum, each product is built to last a lifetime of adventure, whether you’re trekking into the mountains or to your local. SHOP NOW

Pig & Hen Gorgeous George Bracelet

Pig & Hen Gorgeous George bracelet
Pig & Hen craft their bracelets by hand in their Amsterdam workshop

Handcrafted in Amsterdam with authentic ship’s rope

When 16th century Dutch sailors ventured off to explore the New World, they’d often have a pig and hen tattooed on their feet for good luck, to bring them home safely. These days, Pig & Hen honour that heritage with adventure-ready bracelets handcrafted from authentic ship’s rope and stainless steel in Amsterdam. While you can appreciate the low carbon footprint that comes with their local manufacturing, the real reason you’ll sport a Pig & Hen bracelet is the low-key, laidback style that it affords; that tight-knit weave and unique, chunky steel clasp are strong enough for any adventure and smart enough for everyday wear. SHOP NOW

&SONS Organic Cotton Sweat Top

&SONS Organic Cotton Sweat Top
&SONS design and print their classic apparel in the UK

Heritage apparel from this British brand inspired by classic design

&SONS apparel is designed for modern day creatives and urban adventurers, inspired by pioneers from the golden age of industry; think Steve McQueen and the Peaky Blinders merged into one exquisite, smouldering ideal. This classic Sweat Top is hand-printed with the &SONS logo and is built from a blend of soft cotton from organic suppliers and polyester, for a supremely comfortable fit. So not only can you explore city streets without a hitch, you’ll be doing so in a top with steadfast eco-credentials. SHOP NOW

Gloryfy Unbreakable Gi14 Vagabond

Gloryfy Unbreakable Gi14 Vagabond
Gloryfy Unbreakable sunglasses are for the everyday, whether you're climbing rockfaces or office staircases

Manufactured in Europe and designed to last, well, forever

When Gloryfy Unbreakable first started tinkering about with plastic compositions in their Austrian workshop, they had an ambitious dream - to create unbreakable sunglasses, impervious to all but the most extreme forces. It might sound far-fetched but that’s exactly what they did - seriously, Red Bull landed a plane on these things and they were fine. So once you’ve got your hands on a pair of these casual sunglasses - fit for everyday wear and adventures abroad - you’ll never need to buy another pair. These everyday specs are ready for whatever you can throw at them. SHOP NOW

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