Sustainable Style for Eco-Conscious Adventurers

Don’t support throwaway ‘fast fashion’. This is kit with a conscience – our perfect picks for everyday adventurers, featuring outdoor and lifestyle gear from brands who care about the planet.

1st July 2023 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

From compostable coffee cups to tees made from recycled fabrics, eco-friendly products are in the mainstream. That’s a good thing for the planet, since fighting climate change is arguably the biggest issue we face today. Fortunately, a host of eco-conscious brands are showing how that can be done without sacrificing style or performance. This round-up of gear and apparel from our Eco-Friendly Collection showcases stuff that is both sustainably made and effortlessly stylish. So, you can be sure that your new threads are keeping the great outdoors great.

Dewerstone Sunglasses

Dewerstone Sunglasses

Summer-ready shades made from wood and plant-based acetate, certified climate-neutral

The versatile Bantham sunglasses from Dartmoor-based brand Dewerstone aren’t like most others on the market. The frames are made from glossy plant-based acetate, with arms carved from natural maple or cedar wood. High quality polarised lenses offer rock-solid 100% UV protection. They also come with a 2-in-1 cleaning cloth and storage bag, also made from recycled fabrics. There’s more though – the brand is a certified B Corp and a member of 1% For The Planet. Product manufacturing is certified climate neutral, and one tree is planted for every pair sold. SHOP NOW

tentree TreeBlend classic tees

tentree t shirt mens white short sleeve

T-shirts made from eco-friendly fibres, with 10 trees planted for every tee sold

The humble T-shirt has become a style staple in pretty much any wardrobe. But tentree’s TreeBlend tees are a step up in terms of both sustainability and performance. They come in both men’s and women’s fits, in a range of muted, nature-inspired colours. The classic crew neck and regular fit works for almost anybody. But the secret sauce is their unique fabric blend – a mix of recycled polyester, organic cotton and TENCEL Lyocell fibres (derived from sustainably sourced and renewable wood pulp). The result is a cool and breathable tee that is naturally moisture-wicking, with a little stretch for easy, breezy, wear-all-day comfort. Oh, and if that’s not all, tentree is also a certified B-Corp, and the brand plants 10 trees for every product you purchase, by partnering with community-centred reforestation projects including Eden Reforestation, Trees for the Future, Plant With Purpose, and One Tree Planted. SHOP NOW

Sherpa Asha trail tops

Sherpa Adventure Asha Trail tops WildBounds

Adventure-ready women’s tees and tanks, made from eco fabrics by a Nepali-owned company

Super-soft, stylish and stretchy, Sherpa’s Asha tops are the ultimate casual multi-activity baselayers. They’re crafted from Drirelease eco fabric, which is made from over 80% recycled polyester, and finished with HeiQ Fresh, a sustainable odour control treatment that means you can wear each garment more and wash it less, reducing water waste and microplastic pollution. The company’s wider eco credentials are just as impressive. It is entirely Sherpa-owned, with firm roots in Nepal, where the overwhelming majority of its products are all designed, developed and manufactured – providing local training and employment for hundreds of people. In addition, the brand is committed to educating the next generation of Nepal’s children, by building libraries and renovating classrooms, training teachers and school staff, and developing and distributing schoolbooks and resources. In fact, every bit of Sherpa gear you buy funds a school day for a child in Nepal. So, this is not just beautifully made stuff, it’s also kit with a conscience. Namaste. SHOP NOW

DUER Performance Denim Jeans

DUER Proof WildBounds

Denim built to last, crafted from organic cotton with low-impact dyes

These Performance Denim jeans from Canadian brand DUER have five times the stretch of regular jeans to remain comfortable on the move – a significant step-up from unforgiving regular denim. They’re a step up in eco terms too. DUER use natural-based components, low impact dyes, organic cotton and vegan leather trims, and work hard to create products that are technical and durable to ensure their products last. That means you only need to buy once. The fibres they use also prevent bacterial growth, which means these jeans don’t need to be washed nearly as often as your Levi’s, saving water too. SHOP NOW

Amundsen Hoodies

Amundsen Hoodies

Heirloom-quality cord hoodies, made to last from 100% organic cotton

Norwegian brand Amundsen’s approach to sustainability is a little different to most rivals. Their philosophy is to make fewer products, but make them well, so that they last a lifetime. Their comfy cord hoodies for men and women are the perfect encapsulation of this ethos. Their cord fabric is soft, warm and likely to last years longer than cotton jersey fabric. It’s also made from 100% organic cotton – eliminating the chemical fertilisers and pesticides used to grow non-organic cotton, which have been shown to leach into the environment. Looks-wise, this timeless hoody fuses salty surfer vibe with old-school luxury, so it’s unlikely to ever go out of style. Sustainability through longevity? When the products wear in, rather than wear out, that makes perfect sense to us. SHOP NOW

Cotopaxi Del Día Bags

Cotopaxi Del Dia WildBounds

One-of-a-kind packs made from fabric scraps and remnants

Cotopaxi’s vibrant Del Día bags and packs are unique. No, really – each individual item is a complete one-off. Each product is made from odds and ends of remnant material left over from other brands’ manufacturing runs. Cotopaxi bought up all these leftovers and let the folk at their factory in the Philippines play mix-and-match with the repurposed fabric. The only rule is that they can’t use the same colour scheme twice. This approach keeps perfectly good performance fabrics out of landfill, lets garment workers indulge in a bit of creativity, and means that each Del Día product you buy is genuinely one-of-a-kind. It’s upcycling on a grand scale. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Cotopaxi, whose tagline is ‘gear for good’. And before you roll your eyes at yet another outdoor brand making lofty claims about their eco credentials, these guys really do walk the walk. They’re certified climate neutral, with rigorous ethical manufacturing standards and even a grants scheme that supports organisations fighting global poverty. SHOP NOW

MPOWERD Luci Lights

MPOWERD Luci Lights WildBounds

Solar LED lanterns that support cleaner, greener energy for developing countries

The Luci series is a range of inflatable solar-powered lanterns, designed to recreate the authentic feel of candlelight, but without the mess or the worry. They’re wick-free, wax-free and flame-free – which also means you can float one in the bath or leave it out in the rain. Perfect for relaxing at home or on camp, they’ll also help your conscience rest easy. Why? Because MPOWERD is a certified B-Corp, with a mission to provide clean energy to those who need it most. Through their partners, they distribute clean energy to communities in developing countries, so that people are no longer forced to use smoky and dangerous fuels – improving individual health, economic empowerment and access to education, whilst also benefitting the climate. SHOP NOW

Nalgene Sustain bottles

Nalgene Sustain WildBounds

Recycled water bottles made from single-use plastic once destined for landfill

Single-use plastic bottles are criminally wasteful. And if everybody just carried a reusable water bottle around with them, on the way to work, the gym or into the great outdoors, we could end this plastic waste altogether. The classic Nalgene is a great choice. And before you point the finger and cry, “but hey, those are plastic too!” – you’re right, but the brand’s latest Sustain programme is turning flimsy, single-use plastic water bottles into reusable, recyclable Nalgenes, rescuing waste plastic destined for landfill and recycling it into a safe and sustainable high-performance resin. Today, all Nalgene Sustain bottles contain 50% recycled plastic – the equivalent of 8 discarded plastic water bottles. SHOP NOW

Mons Royale Merino Layers

Mons Royale Merino Layer WildBounds

Technical baselayers made from ethically sourced merino wool

Looking for an eco-friendly technical baselayer for all your outdoor adventures? We got you – or rather, New Zealand’s Mons Royale do. They’ve been championing the unique properties of merino wool – nature’s very own miracle fibre – for years now, and with good reason. Super-soft, breathable, comfortable, temperature regulating and naturally anti-microbial (meaning it doesn’t pick up body odour), Mons’ merino is pretty special. It’s also ethically sourced via New Zealand’s ZQRX, the world’s leading ethical wool brand. The wool is spun at an eco-certified woollen mill that holds Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certifications. And when your new top turns up, it’ll come in sustainable packaging, since Mons Royale have phased out 90% of virgin plastic from their hang tags and accessories, replacing them with recycled and natural alternatives. Their products are also packaged in plant based compostable bags and FSC certified paper. SHOP NOW

Picture Organic Jackets

Picture Organic Jackets

PFC-free ski shells made from bio-based fabrics, with a fully recyclable waterproof membrane

It’s pretty rare for a performance-focused outdoor brand to be right at the top of the sustainability charts – not least, because a lot of technical fabrics are rarely very eco-friendly. But French winter sports brand Picture Organic bucks that trend. They’ve already been responsible for several impressive firsts, becoming one of the first outerwear companies to eliminate toxic per-fluorinated compounds (PFCs) from all their product lines. They also helped develop the world’s first bio-based waterproof-breathable membrane. That’s what powers this season’s Anton and Seen Jackets for men and women. Both are slope-ready hard shells made from repurposed sugarcane waste that is converted into bio-based polyester. This is laminated to Picture’s fully recyclable DRYPLAY membrane for maximum waterproof-breathable performance and finished with a Teflon EcoElite durable water repellent treatment – all PFC-free. SHOP NOW