Canvas Stocking

Colour: Bettys Quilt
Bettys Quilt

Have you been naughty or nice?

Where is it written that Santa stops visiting once you show up on the electoral roll? Adults (notice we didn’t say grown-ups) deserve Christmas stockings too, and these canvas ones from KAVU are roomy enough for a bumper haul of chocolate money and satsumas. They're trimmed in plush faux fur, so if you've been naughty then you'll be able to spot the tell-tale sooty marks from the lump of coal St Nick has left you

    • One size
    • Made in 14oz cotton canvas with polyester faux fur trim
    • Rope hanging loop
    • Measures 17" x 8"
    • Fabric: 14oz 100% Cotton and Faux Fur (100% Polyester)
    • Dimensions: 43 x 20 cm
  • Now here’s an origin story for you. Back in the early nineties, fishing boat skipper Barry Barr was fed up with wearing cheap trucker caps that got snatched off his head in storms, never to be seen again. He decided to make a super-durable cap that wouldn’t blow off whatever the weather, and he did it by stitching the webbing material from a Teva sandal all the way around the crown. Turned out his ‘Strapcap’ was a hit, and KAVU was born.

    From humble beginnings flogging Strapcaps out of the boot of his car in Seattle, Barry’s since expanded to produce a whole array of durable outdoor kit with a laid-back, van-lifer vibe. The KAVU range takes in everything from sling bags to swim shorts, and while they’re serious about producing great gear that’s made to last, they’re also not afraid to have a laugh. Their prints are bold, playful, and in some cases so loud that they’ll take some considerable chutzpah to carry off – but that’s what makes them so much fun.

    And if you’re wondering about the name, KAVU is an aviation acronym that stands for ‘klear above, visibility unlimited’. It means it’s a perfect day for an adventure.


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