Source have been developing innovative outdoor kit for more than three decades. Specialising in hydration systems and packs, their products are so dependable and hard-wearing that their tactical range has been adopted by armed forces worldwide.

These products are field-tested in the toughest conditions, and you’ll find exactly the same technology and materials used in their civilian models. This includes the brand’s game-changing ‘glass-like’ super-smooth plastic with an anti-microbial treatment. This means their hydration systems don’t gunk up like other reservoirs and need almost no cleaning. There’s no plastic taste, the bite valves and hose attachments are all completely leak-proof, and best of all, their bladders have a wide opening that takes all the hassle and mess out of filling and drying them.

Popular with outdoor athletes for their practical and problem-solving product design, Source’s hydration systems are the perfect balance between weight and durability, and you can combine them with fully-featured waist packs for fast and light adventures. What’s more, the brand’s also got an appealing set of ethical values. Operating out of Tirat-Carmel, Israel, they employ more than 200 people and 5% of their net profits each year go into social or environmental projects to benefit the community.

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