ORTLIEB | Atrack Backpack

The biggest adventures tend to require some pretty tough kit, plus an even tougher kitbag to haul it all around in. The problem with a lot of super-hardwearing, overbuilt drybags is that they’re tricky to open, especially if you need to access the contents quickly. It usually means fiddling with numerous buckles and then unfurling a roll-top multiple times. Not great if you need to locate a specific item in a hurry. Ortlieb’s Atrack is different. It’s a fully waterproof outdoor backpack with all the convenience of a regular travel bag or suitcase. Need to get into it fast? No problem – it simply zips open, giving you an at-a-glance overview of your stuff, as well as instant access to whatever you need. No more rummaging around in search of those vital travel documents. And because it’s completely waterproof, you can take it trekking, biking, ski-touring, canoeing or sailing. The Atrack also comes in three sizes to ensure there’s an ideal option for every adventure on land or water

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