Picture it: you’re at the beach, strolling out of the waves with your best Daniel Craig impression (note: budgie smugglers optional) – but then you see it. Your towel. Now, usually you don’t give towels much thought – which is, you know, healthy – but at the beach the whole game changes. Coarse, saturated with sand and with a once-ironic print slowly fading, your beach towel is doing you no favours. Which is why, when we first saw and tried out a Bubel towel, we knew they were onto something on behalf of all beach-goers everywhere.

Back in 2010 two Spanish textile engineers were experimenting with creating new types of fabric when they happened upon nanofibre technology. Now what that means for your towel is that it’s super lightweight – even when wet – and four times more absorbent than a regular towel, which makes it perfect for a whole bunch of activities beyond sunbathing. But get this: it’s designed so that sand simply falls straight off. When you add into the mix that each towel is made from environmentally friendly materials (making it recyclable), is designed and constructed in Barcelona where Bubel are based, and comes with a massive variety of funky prints...well, then you never need to give your towel a second thought ever again. We know we won’t.