Pendleton | Chief Joseph Pillow

These Pendleton Chief Joseph Pillows are made using pure virgin wool and duck down inserts. An interior designer’s dream, they have rightly become popular favourites, imbued with authentic frontier history. Of all Pendleton Woollen Mills’ signature plaids and patterns, none is more famous than the Chief Joseph design. Dating from the early 1920s, its famous arrowhead motifs symbolise bravery and point to all the principal compass directions of Mother Earth. The design commemorates the heroism of one of the Northwest’s greatest Nez Perce warriors, Chief Joseph. His Nez Perce name was ‘Hin-mahtoo-yah-lat-kert’, which means ‘Thunder Rolling Down Hill’. The Nez Perce tribe were famed as warriors, breeders of Appaloosa horses and as knowledgeable guides – they were even recruited to lead parties of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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