Jetpower Fuel

Colour: Black

Expedition-proven camping gas

We’ve tried almost every kind of camping gas out there, and Jetboil’s Jetpower canisters have proven themselves to be one of our favourite fuels for backpacking and wild camping adventures. Why? Because unlike cheaper blends, Jetpower uses a premium 80/20 mix of isobutane and propane, which delivers optimum performance over a wide range of conditions, even in colder temperatures or as the canister empties. Plus, they come in three different sizes, ensuring there’s an option for every trip, from quick ‘fast and light’ overnighters to extended backpacking expeditions

    • Available in 100g, 230g and 450g canisters to meet the demands of any trip
    • Smallest (100g) canister is sized to fit inside many JetBoil stoves
    • Optimum 80/20 blend of isobutane and propane delivers superior performance throughout the life of the canister and in colder temperatures
    • Zero-maintenance combustion for a clean burn with no soot build-up
    • Lindal valve thread fits most standard EN417 gas-powered camping and backpacking stoves
  • 100g 230g 450g
    Colour Black Black Black
    Weight 199 g 380 g 666 g
    Dimensions 9 x 7 cm 11 x 10 cm 11 x 15 cm
    Fuel Capacity 100g 230g 450g
    Good for 12L of boiled water 24L of boiled water 48L of boiled water
    • SUMO
    • Stash
    • Flash
    • Joule
    • MicroMo
    • MightyMo
    • Zip
  • The Jetboil has proven itself time and time again as a reliable, easy to use all-in-one personal cooking system that is adept at brewing up in a portaledge midway up a 3,000ft rock face or in the porch of an expedition tent in some of the world’s most remote places.

    That versatility and simplicity makes it the ideal camp stove for both aspiring and accomplished adventurers embarking on all sorts of trips and expeditions, from big wall climbs to weekend wild camps. But its contemporary popularity means it is easy to forget just what an original and innovative idea the notion of all all-in-one personal cooking system actually was when Jetboil was first unveiled to the world, back in 2001.

Great all around fuel

-Josh, Verified Buyer


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