Kelly Kettle

Cups | Twin Pack

Colour: Silver

Robust and practical camping mugs

A good camping mug is an essential companion for almost any adventure. From morning coffees to late night hot chocolates (perhaps laced with something stronger from a hip flask), your favourite adventure mug should never be far from your reach. These durable stainless-steel mugs from Kelly Kettle are bound to become firm favourites. Consisting of 350 ml and 500 ml sizes that nest neatly together, with silicon-coated folding handles and even removable CooLips to stop you from burning your mouth, they’re supremely practical and packable, yet also robust enough to take a few knocks

    • Tough and practical set of nesting stainless-steel camping mugs in 350 ml and 500 ml sizes
    • Small cup fits inside the larger cup to ensure minimal pack size
    • With heatproof silicon-coated folding handles and silicon removable CooLips to stop you from burning your mouth
    • Graduated measurements on inside of cup
    • Dishwasher safe and polished internally for easy cleaning on camp
  • Small Cup:
    Volume: 350 ml
    Weight: 113 g
    External Diameter 91 mm x Height 68 mm (Internal diameter 84 mm)

    Large Cup:
    Volume: 500 ml
    Weight: 136 g
    External Diameter 104 mm x Height 73 mm (Internal diameter 96.7 mm)

  • We love tried and tested outdoor gear with genuine heritage. The Kelly Kettle Company is a perfect example. Hailing from County Mayo in the west of Ireland, this much-loved brand has been owned by the same family for four generations.

    The secret to this longevity is one iconic product. Reliable, durable and with no small parts to fail or break, the Kelly Kettle works extremely well in even the harshest conditions. This ingenious kettle has proven itself over more than a century as an essential bit of kit for ghillies and fishermen.

    It is just as useful for camping and canoeing trips, as well as for bushcraft weekends. The highly efficient design can boil water in a matter of minutes from whatever fuel you have to hand – small twigs, sticks and even pinecones.

Love this little set to cook using the kettle.

-mumoftwo, Verified Buyer


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