Kelly Kettle

Hobo Stove | Small

Colour: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Turn your Trekker Kettle into a camp stove

If you want to do more than just brew up with your trusty Kelly Kettle, the ingenious little Hobo Stove is the ideal accessory. It can be used with the fire base of your Trekker kettle (sold separately) to create a highly effective wood fired camping stove that can be used with any type of outdoor cookware. Simply gather deadwood, twigs, dry grass, pinecones or whatever natural fuel you can find to make a small fire and set the hobo stove on top. Compact and tough, the stove itself is made from durable stainless-steel and nests neatly inside the Kelly Kettle fire base for efficient packing.

    • Compatible with Trekker Kettle (sold separately)
    • Creates a stable surface for a cooking pot or frying pan, while keeping the fire safely contained within the unit
    • Fuel efficient enclosed design ensures heat is directed toward the pot or fry pan on the top and works in all weather conditions
    • Uses twigs, sticks, pinecones, bark, dry grass as well as any solid fuel, such as Hexy blocks or tablets
    • Compact design nests inside the Kelly Kettle Trekker fire base (kettle sold separately)
  • Diameter 120 mm
    Item Weight 0.07 kg
    Product Capacity No
    Kettle Height 50 mm
  • This Hobo stove will not work on the fire base of the larger 'Base Camp' and 'Scout' Kettles.

  • We love tried and tested outdoor gear with genuine heritage. The Kelly Kettle Company is a perfect example. Hailing from County Mayo in the west of Ireland, this much-loved brand has been owned by the same family for four generations.

    The secret to this longevity is one iconic product. Reliable, durable and with no small parts to fail or break, the Kelly Kettle works extremely well in even the harshest conditions. This ingenious kettle has proven itself over more than a century as an essential bit of kit for ghillies and fishermen.

    It is just as useful for camping and canoeing trips, as well as for bushcraft weekends. The highly efficient design can boil water in a matter of minutes from whatever fuel you have to hand – small twigs, sticks and even pinecones.

What an exceptional little accessory

-Anna, Verified Buyer


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