JetBoil MightyMo

Colour: Steel

Efficient and affordable camp stove

Pack it up, pack it in, let the adventure begin! The ridiculously compact MightyMo stove weighs less than a deck of cards (95 g) and yet you can still cook your dinner on it. With a four turn regulator you can brew up, sauté your greens and simmer your sauces with perfect simmer control. The MightyMo accommodates a Jetboil skillet and FluxRing cooking pot, making it a versatile option for any trip. A built in push-button igniter means you don’t have to fiddle around with matches and it’s regulated for performance down to -6 degrees C so you can be confident you can brew up whatever the weather.

    • Reaches a rolling boil in approximately 3 minutes, using half the fuel consumption of traditional systems
    • A four-turn regulator offers incremental head adjustment for simmer control
    • Compatible with a Jetboil skillet and FluxRing cooking pot without the need for a pot support
    • A convenient and reliable push-button igniter allows for consistent performance down to -6 degrees C
    • Colour: Steel
    • Power: 10000 BTU/h / 3 kW
    • Cooking Type: Precision Cook
    • Fuel Regulator: Yes
    • Boil Time: 3 m per 1 L (avg. over life of 1 lb Jetpower can)
    • Water Boiled: 12 L per 100 g Jetpower Can
    • Ignition Type: Push Button
    • Fuel Type: Jetpower
    • Jetpower Fuel NOT included
    • Weight: 95 g
    • System weight excludes fuel stabiliser
    • Volume: 0.8 L
    • Group Size: 1-2 People
    • Dimensions (Packed): 10.4 x 9.53 cm
    • Stabiliser Weight: 27 g
  • The Jetboil has proven itself time and time again as a reliable, easy to use all-in-one personal cooking system that is adept at brewing up in a portaledge midway up a 3,000ft rock face or in the porch of an expedition tent in some of the world’s most remote places.

    That versatility and simplicity makes it the ideal camp stove for both aspiring and accomplished adventurers embarking on all sorts of trips and expeditions, from big wall climbs to weekend wild camps. But its contemporary popularity means it is easy to forget just what an original and innovative idea the notion of all all-in-one personal cooking system actually was when Jetboil was first unveiled to the world, back in 2001.

The MightyMo model has a high level of quality and performance!

-thegourd, Verified Buyer


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