Snow Peak

Field Barista Dripper

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Colour: Silver

Up your outdoor coffee game

Apparently, there are some people who can function without coffee. For the rest of us, there’s Snow Peak’s new Field Barista series. This nifty dripper is perfect for café aficionados who, like us, are unwilling to compromise on the quality of their coffee, no matter where your adventures take you. This coffee drip can be taken apart into six different pieces for easy stowing in the neat travel case and the new cone shaped drip means you can use finer grounds for a more superior cup of joe

    • Can be taken apart into six pieces to pack down small
    • Comes with a neat travel case
    • Cone shaped drip to enable finer grounds to be used for a superior cup of coffee
    • Part of the Field Barista collection
    • Weight: 150 g
    • Dimensions: L 150 x W 140 x H 105 mm
    • Size Stowed: L 110 x W 100 x H 30 mm
    • Body: Stainless Steel
    • Storage case: Cotton
    • Rubber band: Nylon
  • Sustainability through longevity - Snow Peak products are designed and built to last a lifetime. They submit all of their outdoor hard goods to the highest standards of engineering and testing to ensure long-lasting durability in even the most challenging outdoor conditions. If a product requires service, Snow Peak will repair or exchange it.
  • Snow Peak's journey began in 1958, when the founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of superior climbing gear. Snow Peak then looked to evolve by shifting its focus from the mountaineering equipment of the past to the camping equipment of the future. Fueled by the booming national interest in auto-camping sweeping across Japan, Snow Peak released a series of radically innovative products which focused on quality, functionality, timeless-durability and considered design.

    From The Journal: Snow Peak | The Story


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