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Ultimate field repair kit

Even the toughest gear can be compromised out there in the back of beyond. If the worst happens, having the tools on hand to make a quick repair is invaluable. Similarly, if the proverbial hits the fan and you’re left in an emergency situation, a few essential survival tools could save your life. Exotac’s ripSPOOL is a lightweight complete field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks, from first aid to fire starting, not to mention fishing and navigation. This nifty little kit is unique, useful and uncompromising – but it also looks cool as hell on a keychain

    • Includes over 60 feet (18 m) of 30lb synthetic braided line to be used for re-stitching gear, creating tools or as an improvised fishing kit
    • Comes with over 50 inches (127 cm) of repair tape for patching holes, as an improvised bandage, creating bush-crafting tools or even as tinder (it’s flammable)
    • #16 Sail Needle retained by an o-ring in the line spool so it can be used as an improvised awl or thimble. Pull it out, attach thread and reinsert for sewing
    • Firecord lanyard has an inner (red) core that can be pulled out and used as tinder. It burns like a candle wick and can be lit with any of Exotac’s firestarters as well as the nanoSPARK
  • Whether you need a reliable firestarter for camping trips or simply a trusty way to light your backyard BBQ, Exotac have the solution. This family-owned and operated brand out of Atlanta, Georgia focus solely on high-performance outdoor and everyday carry tools, from precision fire rods and strikers to rugged, reliable turbo lighters.

    This is sleek, stylish and supremely functional gear that has been tried and tested in the great outdoors, resulting in products that will last forever and which are guaranteed to function when you need them the most. That’s why Exotac’s motto is ‘gear for life’, and why all their products carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


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