Minipresso Protective Case

Colour: Black

Protect your Minipresso from dust, bumps and scratches

For coffee lovers who are regular travellers, daily commuters or outdoor explorers, the Minipresso Case is the perfect accessory for your Wacaco Minopresso portable coffee machine. Its durable outer and soft fabric lining will help to protect your precious coffee maker from bumps, scratches and dust. It’s all designed to give you peace of mind whenever you pack your Minipresso for your next trip – whether that’s just to get to the office or for adventures in far-flung destinations.

    • Made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining
    • Specially designed to fit around the Minipresso GR, NS or CA
    • Helps protect from any bumps, scratches and dust
    • Built-in attachment loop for carabiner
    • EVA material and soft fabric interior lining
    • Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 7 cm
    • Weight: 80 g
  • The Wacaco story started with a bad cup of coffee. In fact, it started with a truly terrible cup of coffee.

    Back in 2013, industrial design graduate Hugo Cailleton was staying in a mid-range hotel on a business trip. He ordered his customary morning espresso, but what arrived was abysmal. Disappointed by this experience, he decided there and then to create a portable espresso machine that would give people access to great coffee wherever they were – on the trail, at a campsite or in a city-centre hotel.

    What followed is a classic tale of ingenuity, hard work and perseverance. Hugo built more than ten prototypes to test different mechanisms of coffee extraction. He sought feedback from friends, focus groups and industry professionals. The process took him back to the drawing board more than a few times. But twenty months after that fateful business trip, the Minipresso was born.

    Today, the original Minipresso sits alongside the Nanopresso, Pipamoka and a range of accessories designed for travellers, commuters and outdoor lovers. They all put great coffee in your hands, giving you the ability to enjoy full-flavoured espresso or filter coffee anytime, anywhere.

It perfectly fits my minipresso. Its nice and thick molded, just right for the machine.

-Daniel O, Verified Buyer


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