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Roamer Double Camping Mat

Colour: Lagoon

For campers who like home comforts

We’ve all been there – you’re snuggled in your sleeping bag, nice and cosy, and drift off to sleep… suddenly you wake up and groggily check your watch. It’s 3am, you feel strangely cold and uncomfortable. You look around, and realise you’re on the cold, hard ground. Your sleeping mat has somehow slid over to the other side of the tent. Wearily, you wriggle over and haul yourself back on your mat… Well, no more. The Roamer basically gives you the plush comfort and space of a single mattress, but without the weight or the bulk. This self-inflating slab of ultimate camp comfort is soft and inviting, while the durable bottom can be tossed out in a tent, in the back of your truck, or even on your friend’s guest room floor

    • Over 4 inches of expansive, plush thickness
    • Premium 50D stretch fabric for a soft, cosy top and 75D polyester for go-anywhere durability on the bottom
    • Self-inflating open-cell foam provides a fast, convenient set up
    • Two zero-profile valves: a multi-functional, micro-adjust valve for custom inflation and a one-way dump valve for fast deflation and pack up
    • Packs down to half the size of other pads and is significantly lighter
    • Dual-axis coring dramatically reduces weight yet maintains your mattress-at-home comfort and support
    • Provides a level sleeping surface in all sorts of bumpy, rough terrain
    • Includes toggles so you can connect pads together. Two Roamer XL Wides toggled together make a queen-sized mattress so you can use your bedding from home
    • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty
    • Insulation: Open-cell foam
    • Material: 100% PCR 50D Stretch Polyester (top) and 75D (bottom)
  • Nemo Roamer Double Sleeping Mattress infographic

    • Dimensions: 198 x 132 cm
    • Minimum Weight: 3.4 kg
    • Packed Size: 66 x 28 cm
    • Thickness: 10.16 cm
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Insulation: Open-cell foam
    • Material: 100% PCR 50D Stretch Polyester (top) and 75D (bottom)
    • Climate: Extreme Cold
    • R-Value: 6.0
    • Sustainability Through Longevity - Designed to last a lifetime and protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.
  • The idea of NEMO was born one turbulent night on the side of Mount Washington while Cam Brensinger spent a sleepless five hours in a poorly designed bivy. That night he realised how much opportunity there was for thoughtful design as part of the equation of enjoying adventure. And, coming down off the mountain the next day, he resolved to tackle that challenge. Three days after graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, he founded NEMO Equipment.

    From the Journal: NEMO Equipment | The Story


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