Nalgene | 1L Narrow Mouth Tritan Sustain

We’re done with single-use plastic – in fact, we stopped buying bottled water years ago. And thus began the quest for the ultimate water bottle. A quest that went on and on until we discovered Nalgene’s latest line of Sustain bottles. Just as tough and rugged as the iconic originals – famed for their near unbreakable toughness and leakproof design – but now made from 50% waste plastic. In fact, Nalgene are turning flimsy, single-use bottles destined for landfill into high-performance, BPA/BPS-free Tritan Renew resin, allowing us all to swig sustainably. These chunky yet lightweight 32oz (1 litre) narrow-neck versions have a generous capacity and are easy to sip (or chug!) from. This size also comes in a kaleidoscope of translucent colours, so you can quickly see how much fluid you are consuming or easily mix sports drinks and squash

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