Exotac | fireSLEEVE

Your basic, cheap disposable lighter is the easiest-to-use and most common firestarter around – available from almost any corner shop or petrol station. Unfortunately, when it comes to outdoors use, they have some serious limitations. For one, they tend to get wet or get lost, and they also have a nasty habit of burning your thumb when you’re trying to keep the gas button depressed while your tinder catches alight. These might sound like only minor annoyances, but in a survival situation when fire becomes your top priority, they are major drawbacks. Exotac’s FireSLEEVE is a clever floating waterproof case for any Bic Classic Lighter that will save your lighter even if submerged. The cap protects the gas button from being depressed accidentally and is able to lock the gas on without requiring you to hold it down. It also has lanyard loops to stop your lighter from getting lost, plus a high-visibility, tactile exterior. It basically turns a standard cigarette lighter into an all-weather survival tool.

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