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The Warrick

Colour: Coyote Tan/Desert Sky
Coyote Tan/Desert Sky

All torque, all action

If you’ve ever had to try and take out a screw using the ‘screwdriver’ on a pocket knife or multi-tool you might be familiar with how easy it is to get frustrated and pull out a blade to try and get the job done. Now there’s no need to scratch up your favourite pocket knife adjusting that bike stem or making a field repair on your camping kit. The Warrick is a slim and ever so smart bit driver from The James Brand that’s destined to become an EDC staple. Made from light and tough anodised aluminum they’ve created a tool that has a minimal carry size but delivers great levels of torque thanks to the shaped widened body. It comes with four of the most popular sized bits (made by German brand Wiha) which slide away neatly inside, allowing you to deal with the most commonly found screws. Knowing that everyone's kit is a little different, they’ve also designed it to be compatible with a wide range of bits on the market, making sure you can take exactly what you might need.

    • Provides high levels of torque while still keeping a slim and pocket friendly profile
    • Supplied with 4 bits from German manufacturer Wiha Tools
    • Compatible with bits from multiple brands on the market so you can fine tune what you carry
    • Bit drawer slides away neatly into aluminium body
    • Included lanyard makes it easy to pull out from your pocket
  • The Warrick Design - The James Brand
    • Dimensions: 9 x 2.2 x 1.2cm
    • Weight: 54g
    • Material: Anodised Aluminium
  • Sustainability through longevity - Designed to last a lifetime of everyday use

  • James is a brand that does things differently. Since 2012, they have been redefining the pocket-knife as an essential item of everyday carry for modern life | READ MORE


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