Some childhood dreams are too strong to be relinquished. London-based architect Alex Shirley-Smith realised this after a few years working as a treehouse architect (we know – what a job). You see, ever since he was a kid distressed by news of Amazonian deforestation, he’d been searching for a solution to this environmental calamity; with his experience in architecture and heavy dash of creativity – inspired by Ewoks, no less – he found his calling in life. Shirley-Smith’s solution was three-pronged: to make trees useful to people, to make living among trees both practical and comfortable, and to make the whole experience fun. And with that, Tentsile was born.

Using multi-directional tensile force from three taut slack lines, Tentsile’s tree tents are suspended in mid-air. What that means, beyond them looking amazing, is that you can take them anywhere so long as there's a few trees, boulder or jeep to hook them up to. Fancy sleeping above a stream? You got it. Uneven ground causing you backache? No problem. Plus, each tree tent can be stacked or accessorised with others to create a literal community in the trees, bringing to life Shirley-Smith’s dream of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Tentsile is a brand born from that passion and these days they plant three trees with every purchase; that means you’ll be saving the world as well as taking your camping to a whole new level.