Sunski | Topeka Sunglasses

A lot of so-called ‘performance’ sunglasses made for activities like golf, sailing, fishing and cycling look – how can we put this? – frankly, ugly. The Topeka is different. These are Sunski’s casual performance sunglasses that combine a style-conscious aesthetic with a neutral unisex silhouette, medium-large fit and excellent sun coverage, plus polarised lenses for greater contrast and definition. Grippy rubber pads on the straight, tapered arms will ensure they stay put when you’re swinging a club, trimming a sail, casting a line or taking a pull. But they don’t try too hard either, with their balanced proportions, sculpted keyhole and flat bridge all bringing an elegance that is often lacking in sports sunglasses. Lastly, like all Sunski shades, they’re sustainably made from Superlight recycled polycarbonate resin.

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