SOTO Outdoors | Amicus Stove Collection

A camp stove is your best friend on the trail. It provides that all important morning brew and offers the promise of a hot meal at the end of a long day, before you climb into your tent. But many stoves are heavy, complicated and temperamental. That’s why we love SOTO’s Amicus stove. Engineered for ultimate reliability, it attaches to a standard isobutane gas canister and has a clever unfolding leg mechanism that lets you open it out, lock it into place and get cooking in no time at all. The four-prong pot support is compatible with a wide range of camp cookware and offers improved stability over rival stoves. In addition, a unique burner head design is optimised for windy conditions, so even in howling wind you’ll still be able to get dinner ‘on the table’ – well, in your tent anyway.

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