Primus | Micron Lantern

The soft, warm glow of gas-powered lanterns has been illuminating all kinds of outdoor adventures for more than a century. Primus’ MicronLantern is a durable and lightweight lantern that is compact enough to take on fast and light climbing, camping or backpacking trips. Available in two versions: steel mesh for maximum durability and minimal weight, or in frosted glass for maximum light output. The Piezo ignition lights with a simple push button, while the quiet burner allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature. The adjustable brightness has a maximum output of 235 lumens for the mesh version or 360 for the glass version. A durable plastic carrying case (glass version) or nylon storage sack (steel mesh version) keeps the lantern safe in your pack, while the included hanging system ensures you can use the lantern anywhere, from woodland camps to portaledges

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