Nordic Pocket Saw

For years, major tool brands have tried to combine the cutting power of a chainsaw with the portability of a pocket saw. It makes sense – such a useful little gadget would undoubtedly end up on the belt or in the pack of almost every outdoorsman or woman. But sometimes, it takes the passion and knowledge of genuine outdoors folk to find the solution. That’s exactly what the guys behind Nordic Pocket Saw are – two outdoorsy friends who saw an opportunity to design and manufacture a quality product that would be genuinely useful.

What they came up with is pretty impressive. The Nordic Pocket Saw is a sub-150g tool that packs away into a small carry pouch. But it punches way above its weight, with raw cutting power that means it can saw through branches and logs with ease. In fact, it’s so compact that if you’re heading off anywhere where you’ll need to process firewood, there’s really no excuse not to carry one.

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