NEMO Equipment | Forte Sleeping Bag

If you sleep on your side or find traditional mummy-style sleeping bags restrictive, NEMO’s Forte range of sleeping bags will transform your life outdoors. The unique spoon shape offers a more generous cut at the elbows and knees, so side sleepers can shift positions comfortably throughout the night. These three-season backpacking bags are also loaded with features, including Thermo Gill ventilation to help you dump heat, a Blanket Fold for tucked-in comfort, integrated pillow pocket, and a waterproof/breathable footbox specially designed to withstand moisture – ideal if your feet often touch the walls of your tent. Updated synthetic fill from industry leaders Primaloft is lightweight yet ultra-lofty, guaranteeing plenty of warmth. It’s also made from 80% post-consumer recycled content, offering impeccable eco credentials to help you sleep with an easy conscience.

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