Nalgene | 500ml Wide Mouth Tritan Sustain

We’re done with single-use plastic – in fact, we stopped buying bottled water years ago. And thus began the quest for the ultimate water bottle. A quest that went on and on until we discovered Nalgene’s latest line of Sustain bottles. Just as tough and rugged as the iconic originals – famed for their near unbreakable toughness and leakproof design – but now made from 50% waste plastic. In fact, Nalgene are turning flimsy, single-use bottles destined for landfill into high-performance, BPA/BPS-free Tritan Renew resin, allowing us all to swig sustainably. These 500ml wide-mouth versions are perfect for day hikes, gym sessions or daily use and are easy to fill with ice cubes. This size comes in a kaleidoscope of translucent colours, so you can quickly see how much fluid you are consuming or easily mix sports drinks and squash. But many hikers also use their trusty wide-mouth Nalgenes as robust and watertight containers for first aid kits, extra food and so on. You could even use it to protect delicate kit like your watch, spare batteries, pocket torch or camera accessories

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