Filson | Mackinaw Cruiser

There’s a reason that Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Cruiser has become a bona fide outdoor icon across the USA: it’s the most versatile cold-weather protection you’ll find, anywhere. Built from hardwearing 24oz wool woven in Oregon’s historic Pendleton Woolen Mills, it is wind-resistant yet breathable. Mackinaw Wool also insulates wet or dry, since it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp or clammy. Two layers of wool cover most of the torso for reliable warmth. And the versatile design gives you four snap-flap pockets on the front plus a full-width map/chart pocket covering the entire back

In short, it’s the tried and tested one-jacket, all-weather solution – the only layer you’ll need in biting wind and tough conditions. Originally patented in 1914, the Cruiser was designed for foresters in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest forests. It was an instant success that was soon adopted by hunters and other outdoorsmen. By the 1940s, Filson was even producing the Cruiser as issued attire for the US Forest Service. It’s been in production ever since, and today heirloom Cruisers are still prized not just for their rugged style but also for their supreme versatility as a durable, weather-resistant jacket

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