Friday Detours: 8th May 2020

This week: an awesome adventure boat conversion, an epic road trip, a worrying look into the future, the world’s toughest mountain bike race and a stay-at-home challenge as Adventure Syndicate throw down the gauntlet.

8th May 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 The lifeboat that went to the Arctic
Meet Stødig, a former CalMac ferries escape lifeboat which was painstakingly converted into a self-sufficient floating home by two young architects. The project culminated in an incredible 5,000km (3,100-mile) journey to the Arctic Circle with a dog named Shackleton – and the story isn’t over yet.

#2 The Patagonia bug
What happened when Brazilian mountain biker Rodrigo Kaspary drove his 1974 bright yellow VW Beetle 6,000 kilometres from southern Brazil to deepest Patagonia? Let’s just say it was eventful. Road trips don’t get much more epic than this

#3 Glimpsing the future
Today we’re fighting COVID-19. But where will our world be in 2070? This fascinating think piece from National Geographic examines what the next fifty years might hold for Earth.

#4 Training for the world’s toughest mountain bike race
The Leadville 100 is an iconic 100-mile race through Colorado’s Sawatch mountains. With 12,000ft of elevation change, it’s a gruelling ride that takes supreme physical fitness and mental determination. Outside magazine explains what it takes to train for this punishing event.

#5 Can you match the miles?
Talking of two wheels, the gang over at Adventure Syndicate are reprising their annual #matchthemiles challenge. Usually, they ride their bikes day and night for five days while encouraging others to keep up, but this year, Covid-19 means they’ll be putting in the hours on foam rollers, yoga mats, stairs and even on chairs instead. Download the free app and take part from Monday 11 May through to Friday 15 May.

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