Friday Detours: 21st February 2020

Our weekly outdoor adventure round-up returns with four doses of inspiration and one piece of advice, namely a lesson on how not to climb Ben Nevis in winter.

21st February 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1Think you’re tough? You’re not tough. Jenny Tough is tough, and we’re not just playing on her name. If you want proof, our favourite adventure travel journal Sidetracked has just posted her latest article online, in which the badass adventurer recounts the trials and tribulations of her 17-day solo and unsupported 600km run across the Bolivian Andes.

#2  If you haven’t put at least one of England and Wales’ magnificent National Trails on your ‘must walk’ list for this year, then you really should. To help you pick the right trail for your next long-distance backpacking jaunt, the guys over at Outdoors Magic have put together a concise guide, featuring all 15 trails from the venerable Pennine Way to the spectacular South West Coast Path.

#3  It’s easy to forget that Scotland has some of the most progressive laws on outdoor access in the world. This 17-minute film from Patagonia is a sumptuous showcase of the freedom afforded by the right to roam, as well as a sweeping look at some of the country’s wildest and most epic landscapes, from the shattered spires of Skye’s Quiraing to the lonely and exposed Cairngorm Plateau. Thanks to US-based online mag Adventure Journal for sharing this gorgeous reminder.

#4 Serial adventurer Alastair Humphreys is encouraging us all to live more adventurously in his latest podcast series. But what does that actually mean to different people across the UK, living different lives in different circumstances? To find out, Al is meeting ordinary people who have done extraordinary things – like Imran Mughal, the first British-Pakistani to cycle round the world. Imran talks about finding motivation after losing your job, what’s it’s like to cycle through 33 countries and dealing with the difficulties of being a Sunni Muslim in Shia-dominated Iran. Listen in.

#5  In a week in which various bits of Britain were battered by blizzards, submerged by floodwater and pounded by storms, spare a thought for Lochaber Mountain Rescue. No less than 22 of their volunteers were scrambled to rescue four tourists who tried to climb Ben Nevis in trainers, during a winter white-out in temps of -20°c. The team said the group had ‘no ice axes, no crampons and as far as we are aware, no maps’, and that when they were found near the summit, they were all ‘very, very cold’. A salutary lesson in being prepared for the mountains.

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