Friday Detours: 15th May 2020

This week: latest COVID-19 guidance on getting outdoors, why climbing matters, the science of colour, the ABC of surfing and spine-tingling ghost stories for the campfire

15th May 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Time to get back out there?
It’s the question we’re all asking. The best advice we’ve read is this piece from the BMC, which gives a qualified yes, explaining what the recent changes to government guidelines mean for lovers of the great outdoors. Stay safe out there.

#2 Climbing: an essay on meaning and movement
For many outdoor enthusiasts, lockdown seems to have really brought home why their passions matter so much. Climber John Postlethwaite’s thought-provoking jottings on how climbing has helped him deal with the loss of a son and the threat of an uncertain future articulate this perfectly.

#3 The science of colour
It all started with a colour-matching game for iOS. But the data collected is helping to explain how colours on screen are processed in the human brain – which has huge implications for our digital future.

#4 The ABC of surfing
Need an ocean fix? This fascinating 26-minute documentary from Red Bull TV drops in on surfing’s past, rides through decades of big wave history and looks to the future – covering everything from the beginnings of surf culture to today’s lucrative competition circuit.  

#5 Spine-tingling campfire ghost stories
There’s nothing like a great horror story told around the campfire, huddled next to dancing flames as the darkness closes in around you. Outside magazine have duly obliged, offering up these three chilling, freaky and gruesome tales.

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